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titel ITS Terminology
överordnad titel Rapport 3
utgivningsår 2012
utgåvenr 3
bakgrund The first edition of “Road Transport Telematics Terminology” was published by NVF Committee 53 (nowadays called the NVF ITS Committee) in 1997. That publication included English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish terms and definitions for some 230 essential ITS concepts. The second edition of the terminology was published by NVF 53 in 2002 containing some 490 terms and definitions. The terminology was widely accepted in the Nordic countries and has also aroused interest outside these countries. It has been translated into several other languages, and the World Road Association PIARC has included the terminology into their web-based dictioary.
antal termposter 874
organisation NVF
författare Arvid Aakre (NTNU, Norg, Kristian Appel (Traficon Ab, Finland), Peter Kronborg (Movea AB, Sverige), Jens Toft Wendelboe och Peter Yde (COWI A/S, Danmark)
organisation NVF (ITS-utskottet)